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Enterprise Damage Unit Sale at 9:00 a.m.
Regular sale Thursdays at 9:30 a.m.

Internet Sales Agreement

By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that any actions taken and purchases made under my username and password are my responsibility. I hereby agree that my username and password will be used by no other persons, for any reason. If any other person has access to the password with consent or without the dealer will be responsible for their actions. I also agree to have only one username and password.

All internet purchases made off-site must be paid for no later than the following Tuesday after the sale at noon via wire transfer or expedited check. For new customers a bank statement verifying funds must be faxed prior to sale time. Payments received after Tuesday will incur a $95 late fee per purchase. Existing check status customers doing business with the auction frequently must overnight a check for the full amount no later than the next business day, otherwise a $95 late fee applies for each purchase.

There will be a $50 internet convenience fee charge per car purchased online. This convenience fee is addition to the regular sale fees.

Details of the arbitration policy for internet sales shall be the same as for onsite customers. Floor bidder will have preference in the case of a tie bid or the auctioneer’s discretion as the bid is increasing on a car.

Condition reports are provided as a convenience and in many cases, a product of one individual’s opinion. Auction will not be responsible for minor errors. Decision of the auction will be final in all disputes.

Making transportation arrangements is the responsibility of the buyer.


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